Justin Armstrong


Justin Armstrong is a San Diego native,currently residing in Naples, Florida: the headquarters of his most recent entrepreneurial project Thank You LLC, and the home base for his beautiful wife and kids.

A graduate of Columbia University

Justin launched Thank You LLC in 2021, alongside partners Jim Otterbeck and Logan Fields, after years of successfully scaling other businesses.

In doing so for over the past decade, Justin quickly realized that the dollars and cents were just a consequence of the relationships that he managed to solidify. As he grew into marriage and fatherhood, he understood even more that those intimate connections are the best parts of life.

With the onset of COVID-19, Justin had to find new ways of making impersonal communication personal, especially with his clients and partners.

He began attaching personalized video messages to client gifts, and the idea for his newest venture was born. After simplifying the process of using QR codes as the vehicle for these messages,

Thank You LLC came to fruition - solidifying Justin’s mission to spread gratitude and strengthen connection.